Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Matter of Ice Cream

Herein I refer information in this NPR Health Blog entry.

Has anyone ever consider that water is not organic yet we need it, and formaldehyde is organic and it can kill us? We use buzzwords all over the place that really mean nothing. Natural means 'comes from nature'. Everything comes from nature. Except for a few heavy elements, everything we manufacture is just a recombination of something natural. Also, every single product on store has chemicals in it. I think most of us mean non-toxic, non-poisonous, non-dangerous products; that is at least reasonable. There are many of those that are manufactured. There are also many "natural" compounds that don't meat meet this qualification. The most dangerous chemicals, in fact, come from nature. The CSPI is suing a company, that is actually trying to be natural, over semantics!


Sandy said...

Jordan, you misspelled meet. You put in "meat." Very interesting concept. I've always disliked that we use terms like raw milk and organic, etc as well. It's so weird that we have to make all these distinctions. When people grow up drinking milk from their cow, etc it's not even something they think about. My mom sure didn't. The end.

Jordan Munroe said...

Thanks :)