Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Waking Up


We are all trying to figure this mess out. Those of us that seem to have it all together often have the biggest messes. They've just figured out that it is so much easier to hide it than to face it. They just fool people, but they still feel it. They still know the pain and isolation that they offer others. We are all poor. Riches mean nothing. The man who dies with the most toys, dies with nothing. He dies with less; whatever he was given is taken away because he tried so hard to find something in the vacuum. We are all so wretched. There is nothing under the sun worth living for. No one has the answers, they all just shout into the vacuum; their voices coalescing into a cacophony of meaningless vibrations; chirping apes the lot.

But their is a light. Just one; it hides beneath the horizon because its intensity would melt your soul. But it is coming. It is the sovereign Lord Jesus Christ. The messiah of the Jews. He is coming not to judge us, but to free us. Don't be fooled, even His people don't really get it. They don't have the answers, they just have Jesus and a deepest knowledge that they have something of true value in Him. I have nothing to offer you, but that. That you are not alone, and that you, like I, desperately need a savior.

"We are all mere beggars telling other beggars where to find bread."