Monday, September 27, 2010

Voting the Third Option

The reason that our governmental system is failing is that we do not vote with our own voices. We listen to agenda-driven pendants and spurious political ads before we listen to our own common sense. I mean we no longer vote for candidates. Rather, we vote so that candidates we don't like won't be elected. We vote against people completely ignoring the democratic third option. See this is exactly my point. I called it democratic, but I do not mean to say that I is in favor of the Democratic Party. I know that you assumed I did. This is how divisive we've become. The third option is the third (or forth, or fifth) option on the ballot. We don't see this as an option at all because we believe the Independent candidates could never be elected. This is a self-perpetuating fallacy. My belief is that a democracy works best if it is run by the people-- by there individual voices. Our divisiveness is drafted by our broken, idealistic two-party system. Not until our nation has more political parties will it function as it always should. How many parties? About a few hundred million of them.

If anything I am saying rings as truth, than please this November think about these criteria.

1) Ignore pendants and political advertisements. Mute them, change the channel, or, my favorite, watch and mock them. Come on, the really are quite ridiculous.

2) They cannot limit your vote. In fact, you are not even limited to what's on the ballot. It is your right to vote for whomever you want. The primaries are not apart of our electoral system and can (and in my opinion, should) be ignored.

3) Do not vote straight-ticket. I feel strongly that this option should be stricken from the ballot. It is a convenience but it skews our elections by not forcing people to elect for each available candidate. I personally believe they should remove the R's and D's from the ballot as well. We need to stop voting for parties, and start voting for people based on their own merits. An incomplete ballot is far better than a straight-ticket ballot.

4) At least hear-out the other side. Demonization of groups of people is the most rampant and fallacy in our country these days. Its been around forever. We can never have peace in our own boarders until we can put down our political aphorisms and listen to all accurate information we have available to us.

Now, it is important to note here that I'm not telling you not to vote for a Democrat or Republican. If those candidates honestly reflect your values most clearly than you should vote for them. I'm actually not truly an independent. I'm a non-partisan. I believe the parties are disastrous to our political system. They are divicisive, unnecessary and a sign of a people who don't really care about how there country is run.


Sandy said...

Very well written! It quite reminds me of the discussion we were having on our walk yesterday except much more well worded. I love you! :)

Jordan Munroe said...

Its OK, she's my wife. She's allowed to love me. The rest of you, I expect hatred and ridicule. *crosses arms*

Kidding :p