Wednesday, December 5, 2007


The soul screams and the mind imbibes reality,
and then vomits epistimological nonsence.
Knowing truth is like a falling man knowing the ground.
And like Max Cohen the knowledge is making me loose my mind.
I trephine my self awareness and become part of nothing!
Knowlege is an echelon greater than ignorance,
But knowlege can only imprison one further.
It is all just another degree of control.
The demon lifts his glass,
A toast to his ignorance.
Eat, drink, and be artificial.

The machine must die!
We created it, it is ours to destroy.
The machine must die!
The machine is us!
The collective monster, all of us,
The murders and the whores.

"But you—who are you to judge your neighbor?"


ChemE said...

"But knowlege can only imprison one further"

Jordo, this doesn't make much sense to me. I can only think you are using a different definition of knowlege than I am. I view knowlege as understanding a portion of GOD's truth. The more truth we have, the more free we should be "the truth will set you free". Please explain.

Jordan (w.m.s.n.b.s.) said...

Truth is an idealistic representation of the static state of all realities everywhere. Knowledge is the attempt to possess truth in any useful way; a seeking after truth. It is when you seek after knowledge for itself that you are imprissoned. There is nothing ultimately profound within the reach of man in his current state; interesting yes, edifying yes, but not profound. Humans consume everything they come in contact with, making themselves numb to them. This was Solomon's dilema. Our universe is plagued by stale bread, not because it has gone bad in and of itself, but because we have tasted it and crave fresher. Satisfaction comes only truely when one realizes that God is Truth personified (deified). Truth is a person not a state of knowing or being known.

ChemE said...

Not exactly concise, or the definition I would use, but I do follow now.

I would claim seeking knowlege (my definition) without seeking GOD will never be as Gratify as seeking knowlege as a way to know GOD. This is due to the fact that truth and knowledge proceed from GOD, making GOD the higher (truely highest) entity from which the greater (truely greatest) satisfaction can proceed.

It seems that is the same thing you are saying, just with highly different symantics.

Jordan (w.m.s.n.b.s.) said...

God is Truth
God is Love

but none of these actually describe God. These phrases are unique in that the subject shapes the predicate.

Truth is Love ?

ChemE said...

That last comment needs to be shared. I would encourage you to bring it up on PING. You've said several things along this line in the past, but never so clearly.