Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Selfish Martyrs

Islam is an irrelevant and deviant religion serving a selfish brat of a god that "created" his rag-doll followers to live twisted mindless lives. It is a religion devoid of kindness, mercy, or forgiveness that criminalizes liberty, self-identity, and thoughtfulness and promotes retaliation, murder, and savagery. I realize that there are a great many followers of this religion who will want to kill me when they read this. Well, come and get me. I will die for my God too, but I won't murder people doing it. It only proves my point that they are savages who kill those who disagree with their stupid philosophies. That is savagery. There is a huge difference here between Christianity and Islam. Muslim martyrs are murderers who dye trying to kill as many infidels as they can. They are selfish and their deaths are meaningless. Christian martyrs are heroes who died in the face of oppression because they would not turn from God. In the end of days, where Islam would slaughter the"heathens", we will still welcome them with open arms.

Disclaimer: I want to make it clear that I am talking here about the religion followed by suicide bombers, Osama Bin Laden, and the people involved in the attacks on America, Brittan and elsewhere. I am not speaking of the people of Islam proper. Those that value life and freedom. I DO NOT seek to cause any further discrimination or hatred toward them or anyone. Such malice is just as wrong as terrorism. This post is written in passionate anger not hatred. I know that their were many travesties done in the name of Christ as well. I group them with the Muslims described above. By Christian I refer to the direct teachings of Jesus Christ and his apostles as told in the biblical account.


ChemE said...

I can't disagree with your view of radical Islam; however, I think you're comparing apples and oranges. Christians also had their radicals, highlighted during the crusades and inquisition. I will grant that these are not true Christians, but the "Muslims" you're talking about are not true Muslims either.

This is not to equate Islam and Christianity. I'm a Christian who loves Jesus and believes the entire bible is true. I just like to fair when addressing the merits of religions.

Jordan (w.m.s.n.b.s.) said...

I let go of my Socratic stoicism on once post. Gosh!

I am not comparing radical Islam with Islam proper which is why I added the disclaimer. I wanted to make it clear that I'm not stereotyping all Muslim's together. Apply the following criteria to a given Muslim (or Christian or anybody):

1: Did he/she commit a form a suicidal martyrdom that purposefully claimed the life of another person (innocent or otherwise)?

2: Does he/she truely support the acts described in the first criterion and fully understand their implications?

If this criteria fits the person, they are described herin. Otherwise, they are collateral.

ChemE said...

No problem with a little emotion. I have family in Iraq right now and the people that piss you off, piss me off also.

My prior comment was aimed at the unrealistic goodness of people who have historically called themselves Christians that came across in your post (unintentionally I believe). This is why I started with "I can't disagree with your view of radical Islam".

I've found that when critizing others (even when clearly deserved), if we do not also admit the faults of our own side, we come across as arogant. Since I've learned enough about you to know you're not an arrogant person, I thought this would be worth pointing out. I know I've appreciated when people have pointed out to me when I've done the same thing.