Monday, December 24, 2007

Free Your Mind

Every person chooses two primary paths creator or consumer: either to add to the fabric of creation or to consume creation for temporary peasure. We are created to be creators. Our imaginations make us human. This is why pride is such a tremendous sin. It is a creation of the self adding nothing to the universe. Pride is also so very close to enlightenment. I find that when I am closest to a truth I share it with a mind to boost my own ego. There is certainly a daner here, but this need not mean truth when found should not be shared.

As humans we create other universes when we tell good stories. We add to the metanaritive. Our creations in this world do not remain. Even the great ones will eventually fade. I know now that it is our creations in the next world that will remain. This fallen existence is practice. Here we are alowed to create to are hearts desire and not worry about the perminency of our creations, but a fallen creator will create his own hell. Even so, our God has given us creativity and imagination for a reason. You do not have to be a God to create. Jesus did not come to save us and make us all the same. Like him yes, but there is enough room in his likeness to stretch out and make yourself at home.

Modern media has lost something. We try so hard to make our stories believible that they loose their creativity. We try so hard to make our stories unique, to make a name for ourselves that we never fill in the gaps and our universes fall as iconic avatars to nothing. The metanarative is not merely a doctrine. It's core is concrete, never changing that is true, but the surface of the metanarative is ever changing. Whenever we dream up a new possible world, or even an impossible one we add to the substance of he creation. The metanarative is a anchor, a firm foundation on which to build our proverbial houses.

I incourage you the reader to write your own world. Make your appendix to the novel of reality and tell it from within your being. You have been made with a unique story to tell. Even if you never enter the world of esteamed writers or litteraty geniouses, you will discover your place in this world and the next.


ChemE said...

What about those of us who apply creativity within the context of this world? As an engineer, I frequently apply my creative juices to transform the existing world. Many others such as architects, interior designers, inventors, and craftsman do the same.

How do you compare the acts of creative transformation of this world to the creatation of a fictional world? Do you view one as superior to the other?

Jordan (w.m.s.n.b.s.) said...

I am an engineer of sorts too. I write software for a living. Also, I am not so bold as to say that there is one form of creativity. My vision is not quite so narrow. One of the most practically advantageous things in the world is engineering and science (One of the least pragmatic being authorship of fiction). Perhaps any honest expression of self augments the metanarrative in a positive, creative way as long as it is done in conformity to the will of God (i.e. with morality intact). If you are like me you do not conceive of your work as a merely pragmatic endeavor. You found a thought life around it, almost a mythos. And whether you use your left brain or right you express something of yourself in your work. For instance, there is rarely one solution to a problem and the which is best is not always directly quantifiable. I only discourage an attitude of mediocrity; of getting by with simply getting the tasks done for the tasks sake alone.