Sunday, November 25, 2007

God Does not Exist

Along my journey's through philosophy an logic, I've come to a remarkable conclusion. Saying that God exists is erroneous. To say a thing exists makes it subject to existence. God is not subject to anthing, not even existence. God did not say "I Exist", he said "I Am". Perhaps only God can speak of His own ontology. God is. But the verb "is" here cannot be applied to any other thing with the same meaning. It is ultimately a forth meaning of the verb, one that can only be applied by God to God in the form "I Am." The Hebrew form of "I Am" in this special case is 'ani. As apposed to the less formal 'ehyeh, it means "I was then, I am now, and I will be [forever]." Self-existent throughout all of time. God never came to be (the connotation of existence), He is.

'ani 'asher 'ani

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