Monday, November 5, 2007

Stone Paradox

I love it when people ask me whether God could create a stone he could not lift. I answer them plainly, "Yes he can. In fact, he already has, and he called him man." In us, God has created something he cannot destroy. He wrote our names in indellible ink that not even he can wipe away. (I know that most people ask that because they attempt to apply mathematical reason to the nature of God's omnipotents. That is complete blasphemy unless ended by a legitimate question mark because God is not a logical process. He is the creator of logic and reason itself.) God did not make a mistake creating such an imperfect creature. He wrote the metanarritive from beginning to end. He knew that man would fall and reject him for plastic glory. His heart was broken at the fall, but he wrote man with the potential to fall anyway. You can only truely be loved if the lover has the capacity to hate you as well. The love of God for man is reflected in the love of a parent for his or her child, but even this is a quiet echo of the glorious love the creator has for his creation. Only in knowing this love does one learn to repspect a God who created a thing that has the power to break his heart, and yet choose to die for the salvation of that very thing. Man is God's ambition, His dream.

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