Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Stop and Rest

Why do I too often concern myself with what I want? Simply, because I am selfish by nature. It seems so impractical to serve God with everything that I am, until I realize that when I do, He will make me so much more. One thing I worry about more than anything else is lack: lack of time, lack of money, lack of self interest, lack of social graces. When will I realize that if I can give it all up, I will not truely be lacking anything. I am lacking now, simply because I haven't given it all.

I wish I could be so much less self-interested and so much more God-interested. But what does that mean? Really, how does one shift one's mind to becoming more focused on Him. Perhaps it is less of a potion and more of a process. The first step of which is trust. We tend wonder, "What can I do?" It is better asked, "What can God do when we stop doing?"

It is however so easy to equate being idle with being sinful. If I stop trying to stop sinning, then I am giving up, throwing in the towel. But it could be that God wants our attention more than He wants our sinlessness. If we spend our time fighting with will alone, we will miss the wonderful lessons of grace and forgiveness that God lavishes on us when we sit still and enjoy Him.

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