Tuesday, December 5, 2006


When did we forget that the normality we find on Earth is a result of our only having memories of our terrestrial lives. If we could realize that the rest of the universe is so alien, so not normal, that we can't really understand normality, we would gain an astounding perspective. In a way, we are the aliens in a world of angels and demons and one God who in and of Himself is three. If we can step back out of our nature and our normality, I think we will find enough room to be ourselves.

Heaven after all is home of the altogether other. How can we even claim that anything our imaginations have manifested comes close to the reality of that place. I believe that hope and self and creativity are a vital fuel in our escape from the rut of reality. I intend to become both what I want to be and what God has designed me to be, for the two are the same. My desire is His promise. It is when I lose touch of my heart's true desires that I forget who God is. I am going to be myself; the me that God designed before he created reality.

Join me.

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