Thursday, August 13, 2009

Verbal Pet Peeves

Primarily, this is not a word! Some dictionaries have added it, but with extreme caveats. Secondarily, it does not mean what people intend it to. Regardless means without regard or careless. It is most often used to indicate the aforementioned condition is irrelevant and need not be considered. Irregardless would therefore indicate the opposite or negation of regardless, but people use it to mean the same thing.

Ideal (instead of Idea)
I've not heard this often, but I do. When I hear something like "I have an ideal" from a coworker, I often say "its good to have high standards. Now get back to work." I always get blank stares.

Where is it at?
Not only is this a hanging preposition, it is a redundant hanging preposition. Why can't you just say "where is it" instead of instead of mutilating the English language with your waste of words?


ChemE said...

"Where is it at?" is not an ideal way to ask a locational question, irregardless of the accent used.

Jordan Munroe said...

Is it fisticuffs then?