Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Advantage of Theism in Maintaining a Civil System

If a system cannot legislate morality, that system is doomed to anarchy. Without right and wrong, there is no need for justice.

Morality distinguishes right from wrong in a specific context.

Morality requires a context. It itself is not one. As such, a system must define a context or succumb to systemic decay and end in anarchy.

Modernism attempts to define its context a posteriori, but morality requires a margin of a priori context. Without external intervention such as a command architecture (as in communism) or propaganda, such a system will decay toward anarchy.

Relativism attempts to employ all contexts. A system can employ manifold contexts, but conflicts must be resolved by a more general context. Relativism presumes that no general context exists to resolve conflicts. Therefore, without external intervention, such a system will decay toward anarchy.

Theism suggests a single ultimate context for morality. Such a context allows a system to avoid decay.

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