Monday, October 1, 2007


The nature of man is to sin. Sin is bad; it is deadly. Eventually, sin will lead to your death; eternal destruction. Any view that hell is unfair is a view that doesn't understand the badness of sin. From our perspective, the badness of sin is relative to its impact, its consequences, and in some circles its political incorrectness. God's perspective is a little different. God is not moved by politics at all. In His view, a lie is just as much a hate crime as a lynching. ALL SINS are seeds of destruction. ALL SIN leads to eternal damnation. All who have sinned are condemned, and all have sinned.

God seeks not to save the sinner, but to recreate him. Be neither be worried nor weary for all that is asked of you is to follow Christ. Not a church, not a religion, follow Christ. In Him alone place your trust. In Him alone you will be perfected. By Him alone you will be saved.

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