Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Anthem

All of the striving, all the suffering, all of the energy spent like currency to buy your very own self will eventually become nothing, a waste. It is the nature of all things to be temporary. Life itself is transient as we know it. On this planet, all the treasures herein will build up to exactly nothing, and it is awesome.

The only thing that actually lasts beyond one's sacred life is when one bestows his energies, striving, and sufferings to the benefit of another. This is love, to offer one's very life energy to the supreme benefit of another. Love is not an emotion that is experienced and then passes. Love is a thing that endures because it itself is endurance. This is the greatest of all accomplishments, to love another to the extent of forsaking one's self.

This love causes the blood in my veins to ignite and burn like gasoline. I seek to marry someone whose blood is as flamable as mine. That kind of passion is an anthem to the lost, the hurt, and the lonely; the very passion that would drive a man to give up a universe and die on a tree for his beloved.

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