Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Message to Teenage Girls

I have an important message to all the teenage girls out there. Save yourself for marriage, please. This is from the bottom of my heart. Guys grow up eventually, but I know personally that they don't grow up quite as fast as you do. Please, I beg you to wait. Respect your body and yourself. Wait for the guy that has the capacity to love the real you. You are so prescious to God and to your future husband. He is lucky to eventually marry you. Love him by waiting for him. I know its hard. I'm a guy, its way harder for me, believe it.

Listen to me, you are worth it. I don't care what you look like or whether you've already failed in this area. You are so loved. And when your future husband grows up and you meet and marry him, I pray that you have the most awesome love relationship that you can. But in the meantime there is a man you can have an even better love relationship with. His name is Jesus Christ. He loves you so much and he's just a prayer away. Please, don't waste another second on lonelyness. Just try Him. Ask him to come into your life, that's all. The church stuff, the bible stuff, the "religious" stuff. That comes later. Right now you and he just need to talk things out. Rest in his arms for a while. He is real, I promise. No guy on the planet can give you as much love as he can.

I am a 27-year-old man which is an odd type of person to be bringing this sort of message, but I feel that I particularly need to say it. I don't know why God would have me write this straight out of the blue like this, but presently my heart is burning to let you know how I feel. If I couldn't get you to realize anything else, I hope I can get you to realize this. You deserve a man who will be faithful to you, who will not abuse you physically or emotionally, and who will respect you as the valuable indiviual that you are.

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