Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thoughts on Christianity

Christianity is not about being perfect. Gosh, do we need more things in this world demanding we be perfect. I believe that Christianity is an acceptance that we are not perfect and cannot be perfect. It is about being humble enough to admit we need help, we need change, we need a savior. It is about having faith that God will perfect us when the time is right. Jesus doesn't need perfect people; he uses the miserable, the humble, and the meek.

People say they hate morality. Its not morality that they hate. It is those that claim to be completely moral and yet show plainly that they are not. It is hypocrisy and insincerity that they really hate. Morality doesn't make us into a judgmental bigets because that in itself is not moral. Morality makes people humble. It creates a being who is humble; who stands in awe at the majesty of nature; who desires above all else truth, even truth that makes him look bad; who is in love for human kind and doesn't just tolerate it. I believe that if you meet a truly moral person you will not come away feeling judged, you will come away feeling loved.

I speak as if I am concerned about some bad wrap that Christians may have. This isn't my concern at all. Jesus does not need PR. If he can cut through my silly stereotypes, he can just as easily reach people who honestly seek truth, even those who hate him. There are of course those who have stopped seeking truth. That is in my opinion the most dangerous stand. The atheist is closer to God than the relativist, because at least he believes in truth.

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