Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Middle Ground Laws

  1. The loudest members of a group do not necessarily represent its constituents. Loudness itself indicates extremity.
  2. Unity and diversity can coexist in the absense of categories. A middle ground state is marked by such a coexistence.
  3. A middle ground state is achieved when a population embraces its diversity and forgoes categorization.
  4. A member of a group who does not in some way disagree with the consensus of that group cannot add to its diversity.
  5. Categories poorly describe the human race because they greatly diminish diversity and often lead to stereotyping.


ChemE said...

Where do these laws come from? They seem brilliant on the surface and I'd be interested in digging a little deeper.

Jordan Munroe said...

Dig much deeper and you'll find yourself amidst my gray matter. I made them up. They aren't logical laws or physical laws; really just ideas about moderation in moderation.