Monday, March 3, 2008


As of late WWJD has seen its demise. And lets face it folks it was really just a scam so that Christian murchendisers could make money. Lets consider the question that it suggests; "What would Jesus do?" According to my experience with this achronym Jesus would slap on a stupid fabric bracelet, dress like a prep, wear a cross made out of nails around his neck, grow a soul patch, and walk around in sandles when its snowing out side. What's worse, he would be an innitiate in a small minded, elitest, and occasionally biggoted social club. A group that thinks there contemporary symbolism actually means something. What would Jesus do? This is a question that a Christian should ask of himself--not one to be advertised to any lost soul that might be paying attention. Jesus does not need PR. He can and does "sell" himself. His sales pitch is truth, love and acceptance. Not some stupid colored fabric status symbol.

I think a better question to ask ourselves is "Where would Jesus be?" He would be sitting at the lunch table that the WWJD table ignored. He would be sitting on the steps next to the pregnant teenagers and wiccan outcasts. He would be croutching in the bathroom floor next to the suicidal science geek who was rejected for the fifteenth time because he doesn't know how to be "cool." Jesus asks His people to take up their cross and follow Him; instead, we wear stupid bracelets with meaningless letters.

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