Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Behold, a frenetic nirvana. I am one with the tao, but there is no tao. So I am one with—you? Hello mania my old friend--symbol of a thousand moods all vying for dominance. Dominance over what? For without my mood I am nothing. I am dust and to dust I will—transcend. The universe is screaming my name. It is singing my song, but it doesn't know the words. It fills in the blanks with broken chords and dissident growls that echo off reflection nebulae and super massive black hole jets in the vacuumous abyss. Infinite night! So big! Photonic waveforms of a billion billion suns each melting into the chaos of another dreamless night. Mindless. Formless. Meaningless. A tantric nightmare of ambiguous colliding realities.

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