Friday, September 14, 2007

Insanity ···
Chapter 1: The Spire

A man awoke enshrouded in complete peace. His head lay on his arm, his arm on a cold stone surface. He lifted his head and opened his eyes. Although he saw colors and distinct lines he could not make out dimension or perspective at first. Eventually, the scene came to him. It hit his consciousness like a bullet and filled him with a certain uneasiness. He got to his feet and realized they were bare. He was in an immense hallway cut into some marble like material that was so homogeneous in color it had appeared to his eyes as a distant gray sky rather than surface only six or seven paces away. Now he could clearly see the two giant walls on either side of him, forming the hallway, extending out toward a sky blue line that itself extended all the way above him to the opposite extreme of his view. The line formed an ecliptic above his head and was narrowest at its zenith. He realized at once that the hallway was actually a groove of immense proportions and that the blue line must be the space beyond the walls of the groove.

He walked over to one wall. It was farther away than he had first judged. He touched it. It had the same feel as the floor, obviously made of the same material. He detected a very slight vibration. It was intermittent almost like a heart beat but much more uniform. He looked back to the other wall. It seemed close enough to touch, but it was obviously not. He counted the paces to the other wall. There were 25 of them. There was no noise, but there was a steady breeze blowing down the hallway. The air was cold but not uncomfortable.

What should the man do?
·Walk the hallway against the wind.
·Walk the hallway with the wind.

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