Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Art of Writing

I find that writing is a journey. Not a quest like journey though. There are no dragons to slay, or damsels to save, or kingdoms to conquer. Its just a journey to find crap to write about. Writing is a journey to the far fronteers of reailty. You have to go to the fronteers because inside the city limits there aren't any unique thoughts. But be careful, because if you go too far out become what is commonly called a nut job. So you go there to the fronteer place and find words. And then you have to put these words in the right order so that they make sense. See, like I'm doing here. But they can't just make sense, they have to be meaninful to people other than you. As interesting as writing about what your poo looked like this morning is to you, other people might not be as interested. About that, you might want to read above where I talk about nut jobs. Anyway, once you have a meaninful story involving characters and plot twists that is completely free of poo, you can try an publish it. But watch yourself. Most publishers out there are evil. They will only print something that they can sell. And by sell, I mean subjugate and change to until when you read it you honestly think, man this is really cleaver, I wish I had thought of this.


Etcetera said...

Brilliant! You remind me of me only smarter. Love the post.


Jordan (w.m.s.n.b.s.) said...

"Intelligence is meaningless if it is kept to one's self
and a crime to be shared for one's own benefit."
-- Cookie Monster