Monday, June 25, 2007


I've always liked Christian music because I feel it is transcendant. Strangly, I find the same transcendence in secular music like Coldplay and Radiohead. At first, this gave me unsettling pause. If they don't have the answer, how do they know how to be transcendant. I was bothered by this until I realized that it is not just the answer that is transcendant. The question can be enough to transcend. Jesus is the answer simple and certain. It is the question that is many layered and multifaceted. The question is life. It is sometimes most genuinely asked by those who don't yet have the answer, who, in their ignorance, live their lives toward the answer. That alone is transcendant. I pray that they find the answer, but one thing that we too often forget is that finding an answer, finding Christ, does not mean we stop asking the question. That is death.

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ChemE said...

Even Jesus asked for "this cup" to be lifted from him.