Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I think that one of the most corrupting events in a Christian's life is when he forgets that God is real. That early fire that hits a new believer when he finally gets it for the first time is a realization that God is real. When this fire dies it is very easy for him to become complacent or worse self righteous. Many profess to know Him and center there lives around Him, but in reality they don't even acknowlege his existance. A Christian is truely empowered when He is reminded that God is actually real. Not empowered to be perfect or to correct the lacking in others, but empowered to know Him.

"I Am," that's was what God told Moses. That's what Jesus told the Pharasees. My challenge to you, believer, is to meditate on the reality of God. Don't just say he is. Know it!

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