Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Denominational Reunification

The Bride is at an all-time maximum diversity. It’s awesome! I keep wondering how we can bring this cornucopia under one roof with one concentrated will. Demons would be dropping all over the planet!

The relativists have this concept of everybody being right. I thought about that, but it’s simply not true. We hold that there is one truth-- the Truth. Then why don't we take the more logically defensible route. We are all wrong.

Don't get me wrong. The canon is solid. We are not. We have all come to interpretations based on the canon. Our interpretations are all partially right. It’s about Christ and His love for us and our attempt to return the favor. We need to be loved by Him, overflow, and love all others.

Let yourself be a little wrong; enough to celebrate with His other children. Keep your doctrines and liturgy. They are at least beautiful and may be right. It is Christ who decides right and wrong. He is a forgiving God. Let him be right and every man a liar. Just read the Bible for your self. Keep doing what you are doing and hope that you are right. God is working on you so you soon will be.

This is my idea to unify the Church. After all it is unified whether we like it or not. All those other churches that got it wrong, they are your family. Love them.

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Joshua G. Sanders said...

very true and very insightful.