Sunday, March 25, 2007

Creator's Manifesto

Matter, energy and time are ripples in the sea of the Universe. The only thing that stands out among the emptiness is consciousness. The shaper and creator of things is will both divine and profane. The divine self, the first cause has spoken all of existence into being. His will alone has brought all things to be. He created us in his image, consciousness, will and creativity, to be co-creators of this universe. We are consciousness separate from the altogether other. We to create and shape the universe. Our creativity is bound only by laws of the divine consciousness both moral (explicit) and universal (inherent). We were created to be creative.


Geoff said...

I have to admit that when I heard you on etcetera a few minutes ago about, I rolled my eyes and thought, "nonsense", but that is probably just because I was jealous; nothing philosophical I ever said on etcetera got that kind of response, but then I thought some more and realized what you said has some sense to it but with this caveat: Kant talked about numenal(reality as it is) and phenomenal reality (reality as it appears to us) I have no doubt that we as creative beings have a great impact on phenomenal reality but to say that this creativity extends into numenal reality, I'd be a bit skeptical.

It was a good thought and I shouldn't have been so cinical. Thank you for sharing it.

Jordan (w.m.s.n.b.s.) said...

Geoff, I crave opposition. My ideas a refined by the ideas, beliefs, and caveats of others. Thanks for your reply. I believe that the numenal reality is governed by the laws of physics which are in turn governed by the devine will of God. They are completely immutable (per God) and are not changed by our wills. Our canvas is the wide open whitespace between His brush strokes. We praise God when we add to His creation within His laws (both moral and immutable). Everything that is moral is praise.

ChemE said...

I have a small contention with the size of your box. It is my theory ,based on my understanding of scripture, that we are created to love. Love being the choice to do good unto another at a cost to ourselves (either harm to ourselves or in not having a good done for ourselves). While creating for other people, or GOD is certainly a form of love, it is not the only form. Stewardship and preservation are also love. Perhaps you may find others, though I have not.

Jordan (w.m.s.n.b.s.) said...

Ah yes, beautiful, but perhaps to assumptive. I never intended (perhaps I was a bit unclear--I usually am) that creating was our only reason to be or even our principle one. I agree with you that the greatest reason to be is to love.

Alas, the prideful have fallen. God in his magesty has swept the soap box right out from under my feet. I still believe in the uniqueness of consiousness in the universe, but obviously WTBDWK isn't a good place to start building hypotheses.

ChemE said...

Nothing wrong with getting hypotheses from strange sources. It's just important to test them.

I also don't want to be arrogant/superior here. I wouldn't have had a comment if I hadn't had very similar thoughts myself. My response also is not orginal; though I do avoid the jargon typically employeed by philophers and professional theologians.