Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bit Rate

We have left the post modernism of the space age and now have entered the existential information age. Everything is imformation or owes its existance to it. We are information now, we are all numbers--1's, 0's, up quarks, down quarks, strange quarks. We are nothing more than binary electronic signatures combined together in a fast fourier transformed, packet switched, mocha half-calf, buisness-2-buisines, peer-to-peer digital aether. All morality itself is relative, and everything can be explained by a statistical graph it. Everything is meaningless. Binary meaninglessness! The Carter Catastrophy hangs over us like a mindless god--the end is near! THE END IS 10111 1100 1001 0101 0010 1010 1011 0101 1011 0101 0010 1010 1010 1010 1101 0100 1010 1001 0101

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