Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Heaven Seeker

Its become cliche to say that one seeks meaning. Everybody wants to mean something to their posterity or their lovers. People seek meaning in logic, in faith, in the stars. To the pragmatist, meaning is just the icing on the cake or even utterly worthless. To the idealist, meaning gets in the way. To most, meaning is the means to a greater end.

I have always sought meaning, but not as a poet, a philosopher, or a wishful thinker (though I am all three). I want to embrace it, bathe in it, devour it. Meaning is the meaning of my existence. This is one of the (lesser) reasons I am religious. Not that God provides meaning, but that true, ultimate meaning requires God.

Some may say that I am missing the point; that it is God that I should seek. If God is real, then my aim is accurate, for God is and must remain the center of meaning. It is not that I have missed, but that I have not gone far enough. The center of the Universe is three: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

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