Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Why I'm Angry

Some Christians may wonder why I get so angry toward all the condemnation of homosexuals. I used to be indifferent. That lasted until I realized the reality of this condemnation. Lets go back a while, to High School. I'm a heterosexual, quite masculine, male Christian, but in school I was thought by my peers to be gay, and to some extent actually "gay bashed" for my alleged orientation. No, this is not a sympathy thing. I know homosexual behavior is a sin. I get angry because I realized that they bashed me not because they thought I was gay, but because I didn't fit exactly into there mold of a Christian American man. Now you can't really blame teenagers for adolescent stereotype, and I don't. The problem is, I think a lot of adults have the same mentality. They are threatened by others differences. If people are condemning others because they are different, let them condemn me too, I am different. There condemnation is meaningless. Only God's opinion matters.

Homosexual behavior is wrong, but this self righteous bigotry is just satan-like!

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