Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hey! I just read your comment to my most recent post on my blog. You are right. The Church will most always get a bad wrap. But like you said it's not about the Church. Its about knowing Christ and accepting the gift of salvation He has reserved for us. BUT, I believe there are lots of churches that can help build up that knowing Christ, that relationship that each of us needs. Don't forget that the bible says Christ will come back and take up the church. Well that leaves us wondering what exactly the church is. What were the early churches made up of? They were a gathering of people who came together to worship and celebrate the God of all creation. They weren't the political churches of today. However, the church today is still a powerful tool to facilitate our relationship with the Lord. Yes, our Lord should be number one above the church, above our families, above our stuff, above ourselves... But it is awfully hard to make Him number one when you are trying to be the Lone Ranger, fighting Satan alone. So again I ask, what is the church that Christ is coming back for? Well, I believe it is a gathering of people for one purpose-to praise, worship, ask forgiveness of, learn more about, and make number one the Lord of all the universe.

I ask You tonight to lead us to a church that meets us where we are. We need a church that is based on Your word. We need a church that we can grow in. We need a church that is run by people who really want to serve you in the best way they can. We need a church that is contemporary enough to draw us in, yet conservative enough to keep the values we live by. God, we need a church that lifts us up before You that we may be equipped with the love and knowlege and depth of insight to go out and proclaim that You are all we need! You know what we need, God. Meet us where we are tonight and prepare our hearts for where You will lead us. I love you, Lord and pray this in your precious name. Amen.


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